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Is takeout agent a good business?

Is takeout agent a good business?

2020-05-25 269

Before discussing whether the food delivery operation is really reliable, I think we can discuss whether the catering brand design, catering space design, and catering training are reliable.

When I saw this topic, I guess most of them would say that these are quite reliable. Why is it reliable? Because the delivery of these things is different from the delivery of the take-out agency operation, most merchants have different standards. The design category delivers pictures or drawings, the training category delivers the process and experience, and the delivery agency operation delivers "money ( Turnover) ".

In the delivery process of design and training, it is in the hands of Party B to control the dominant influence factor. When we originally analyzed the nature of takeout, we mentioned that "the essence of takeout is to provide users with products that meet their needs and earn reasonable profits from them." In this logic, the dominant influence factor is actually returned to Party A. in.

If Party A has better basic factors, all the agency needs to do is ignite the fuse through its skills. If these basic factors are not done well, no other agency will be able to return to the sky.

Whether it is really reliable is actually a relative concept. First of all, we should be clear about the purpose of finding a substitute operation. The merchants I have encountered generally have the following needs: 1), single-volume growth (make a data display point, and then you understand); 2), make gross profit growth (this is currently encouraged by me, in When the fixed cost is relatively low, get more gross profit); 3), outsourcing manpower (his own recruitment operation involves obvious and silent costs such as recruitment, training, management, labor, etc., sometimes it is not as cost-effective as outsourcing) ).

Among the above categories, the first and second categories have the strongest demand for growth, and here are also the most prone to unreliable things. Unreliable is actually equal to the cost paid by Party A is much higher than that of Party B. The value created. Therefore, this has a great relationship with Party B's charging model, operation level and Party A's basic conditions. Of course, we do not deny that the industry is full of "fried chicken (industry slang, meaning the sounding little routine)" service providers, for example, charge a few thousand a month, and promise how many orders you will receive after how long, if not There is no charge for subsequent services.

Thousands of companies across the country have flocked in. Is food delivery a good business?

Generally speaking, there are currently three types of charging models that are most popular in take-out agency operations: pure points, pure service fees, basic service fees + points.

There are few service providers that provide pure point-of-purchase models. Generally speaking, large service chain merchants will adopt this type of model. This model is the least risky for merchants, because it is purely pay-for-effect, and it is For the company, making results is more important than signing new customers.

The pure service fee (relatively high price) model is the most risky for merchants, because the same fee is charged regardless of the effect, and the renewal effect is the same as the new signing for the operating company.

Basic service fee (relatively low price) + mention point This model is a relatively good way for merchants and agency companies to weigh their respective interests, because the final effect is the result of the overlapping of merchants and agency operations. The basic service fees paid by merchants ensure that the normal operation process is completed on behalf of the operations team, and the basic costs can be paid regardless of the results, while the additional revenue comes from the actual results.

Is there a greater future for take-out agency operations?

The world is bustling, and the take-out agency is also coming and going. There are constantly teams that hear about the termination of business and new teams come out. This industry is the same as the catering industry. It keeps opening and closing stores. During this opening, it can be regarded as solving many employment problems.

From the second half of the previous year, the take-out agency operation has been heated up. There are teams with good industry resources to quickly obtain financing, some teams who have resigned from the platform and pulled a few small partners to start working, and some teams that were originally engaged in e-commerce operations. There are independent teams from brand companies ... I got a list last year. The list is basically a relatively well-known team at the national or local level. This list alone has hundreds of companies, and counts the rest. The large and small teams of the country have at least thousands of companies in the country that do food delivery agency operations.

In such a hot market, there were several frequent reports of financing last year. Last year, this market seemed to have suddenly cooled down. I no longer hear a lot of explosive news. Is this market itself a pseudo-proposition or are there other reasons?

First of all, let's see how big this market can be. For the take-out agency operation, many people use Baozun (the e-commerce agency operating company listed on the NASDAQ) for comparison. At first glance, e-commerce operation and take-out operation are indeed a similar company at the first glance, they are all doing agency operation business, but after careful analysis, it is not true. Regarding the biggest difference between catering operation and e-commerce operation, I think the service industry is different. Catering is a localized service business. E-commerce is more based on global standardized product business. What is the difference between the ecological company Taobao and Meituan?

If you can't compare a listed company, it means that we are creating a new business form. In the new business form, we have to do two verifications before we can imagine the future space.

The first verification is the value verification. In simple terms, the value verification is whether there are customers willing to pay for the service. From this perspective, I am positive about it, because a large number of companies have successfully verified this matter. The second verification is the growth verification. I think that all the current operating companies are basically stuck on this. If the growth model cannot be verified, it means that this business should be small and beautiful. Of course, there are few listed companies engaged in catering brand planning, design, and training.

Why is it that the take-out agency is stuck on the growth model? Because the "Takeaway take-out operation" product is to obtain income by providing merchants with substitute operations, and the main body of this substitute operation is a person. The most important thing is that this is not a person on the assembly line like a factory. It is very difficult to copy a comprehensive operation talent. Even if one's ability is strong, there is a limit. The time of a day is only so long. The things to be done will not be reduced, which means that the total value creation is limited ( This limit varies from company to company).

In other words, the growth of the take-out agent operating company is essentially human growth, and by doubling the number of people to get double the growth, this is a linear growth. But it is a pity that the growth of people has not been able to solve the growth of the business. At the beginning of the article, we talked about whether the take-out agency operation can achieve results. The dominance is not in the hands of the agency company but in the hands of the merchants. .

I think that the take-out agency operation will only go further if it meets the following points:

1), can continue to provide value greater than the cost paid by the merchant.

2) 、 Perfect and healthy personnel training and training system (although the word training can be disassembled into training and training, but I want to understand it as a theoretical teaching system and a system of practical exercises).

3), through the monthly composite retention rate to test whether this system is really continuing to provide value to merchants.

4). Improve the efficiency of services through technological means. For example, at present, the boss can provide intelligent bidding services. Originally, artificial experience was used to control the bidding. Now we can implement automatic calculation and adjustment of bidding based on historical data and the situation of the business district. The problem of reducing the bid price due to manual bidding, too expensive and unreasonable bids. Of course, there are still many companies that are actively expanding their peripheral businesses, such as supply chain, finance, SaaS systems, joint development of brand management, training and other catering-related businesses.


As a sector in the take-out ecosystem, take-out agency operations, like many catering brand design companies and training companies, will be attached to the entire trillion-dollar market, and no giant can take all.

With the deepening of the operation of the take-out agent operating company, various dimensions of business data (user identity ID, user address and other information brought by the natural integrity of the take-out data bring great imagination for how to accurately serve users in the future Space) is accumulating more and more. In the future, a super engine capable of plugging in big data and artificial intelligence may bring more innovation to the catering industry.

To be honest, there will not be a company with a 100% success rate for the take-out agency operation (you can be judged as a liar if you dare to advertise this way). If you are not ready for trial and error with some small money, it ’s best to study hard You can take a look at the chopsticks play thinking of the real dry content of the catering industry. The biggest cost of self-learning is only the time cost and the brain cost. At least we will not be so painful when the cost of money is small.

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