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  • Restaurant Supply Chain: American Experience and the Path Exploration of Fresh Distribution in China

    Domestic catering supply chain investors are in the ascendant. Sysco, a large-market catering supply chain company, was born in the United States. However, there are huge differences in the industry environment between the two countries, resulting in no listed companies in the domestic catering supply chain so far.

    2019/08/15 301

  • How can this restaurant reduce procurement costs by 30%?

    Some time ago, it was so powerful that it was like fishing at the bottom of the sea, and it could not bear the rising price of food materials. Let alone, more than 300000 small and medium-sized hotpot enterprises are even more overwhelmed behind Haidilao.The cost of food materials accounts for 35-50% of the total cost, and the price rise is nothing but a further blow to any hotpot store at present.At this time, it is also the key time to test the back-end operation ability of the catering enterprises. Whoever can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency will have the opportunity to survive.This article introduces some cases to see how others save time and money.   01   High freshness and cost & nbsp;Hot pot shop owners pain in purchasing & nbsp;...

    2020/05/07 273

  • Meat prices continue to fall, pork prices should return to the past?

    在国内疫情取得阶段性胜利后,猪肉的价格终于开始回落,但跌了多少?还会不会涨上去?依旧令人心中不安。01 猪肉终于降价了  去年一整年,受到非洲猪瘟、猪周期等因素的影响,“二师兄”身价出现跳涨,从3月到8月,几乎做到了一天一个价。8月之后,肉价增速大幅度加快,据国家统计局数据显示,光是10月,猪肉价格就上涨101.3%,对当月CPI整体带动接近64%,贡献率达到了近三分之二。不过好在,随着扩大猪肉进口、促进生猪生产等一系列国家扶持政策的落实落地,生...

    2020/05/08 266

  • Is artificial meat in the air again?

    Recently, the United States encountered a "flesh shortage."
    New coronavirus interrupts meat supply chain
    The new crown virus raged. Since Trump declared a state of emergency on March 13th, the US meat supply chain has been inte...

    2020/05/09 342

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