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  • New after-sales policy for the Fesh meat slicer

    Anyone who buys a new MS01 meat cutter or fresh mear slicer MS-02 in the United States will be able to replace the blades free of charge within five years.

    2019/06/05 355

  • Three historical stages of the upgrading of American catering industry

    As investors, we are mainly concerned about the historical trend of development, what types of business and types can be developed under what kind of environment and trends, timing is very important for investment. Today, I want to share with you the lessons that the changes in the American consumer industry have brought to the upgrading of Chinas consumer sector. First of all, we want to talk about the "investment syllogism": first, what is the fact and history; second, what is the difference between China and the United States; third, so Chinas current reference significance. From the perspective of economic development, we can see that the United States is a mature consumer society. In the trend of development of more than fifty years, the excellent catering enterprises in the United States concentrated in two stages, in the 1960s, mainly ________.

    2019/07/10 410

  • Russias catering market holds great potential

    & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; black bread, caviar, borscht, steak with small potatoes, and a bottle of vodka... This is probably the picture in the mind of many people when they refer to Russian diet.
    Like most countries, Russian catering market is mainly concentrated in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and other big cities. With the rapid economic development, large population and abundant imported food materials, these regions have spawned restaurants and food stores with various flavors. Statistics show that the number of Russian catering enterprises increased by 24% in December 2018, and the market demand is self-evident.
    Because the core area is close to Europe, western cuisine has a strong position in Russian catering industry. As a matter of fact, Russian food is closely related to dishes and table culture.

    2019/07/10 385

  • Where will the takeaway single economy go?

    In the past two years, wave after wave of discussion has continuously taken the "single economy" to the catering industry. The "single economy" seems to have reached its peak in 2019 with the rising enthusiasm for entrepreneurship one after another. "Single economy" is famous for its consuming tendency: spending money to please oneself, spending money conveniently, high quality of life, strong purchasing power and so on. In short, in a word: rich willfulness! Grasping this trend, opening a new door to the catering industry, and making profits from more than 200 million young single people in the country, has become a hot spot for catering industry. And takeout, although it was injected with the gene of "single economy" at the beginning, has not shown the potential of outbreak yet! ____________ 1. The catering industry has been experimenting with the "single economy" for three years. As early as 2017, the whole country (?)

    2019/08/15 402

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