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  • The latest analysis report of top 100 restaurants and top 500 restaurants in 2019 issued by China cooking association

    On June 5, the 14th China catering industry development conference 2020 was held in Beijing. Feng Enyuan, vice chairman of China Cuisine Association, issued the analysis report on the top 100 restaurants and top 500 restaurants in 2019,
    As an annual industry event, "Chinas top 100 restaurants" has entered its 20th year, "Chinas top 500 restaurants" has also ushered in its 6th year. The latest report on the analysis of top 100 and top 500 restaurants in China in 2019 was released by China Cuisine Association at the conference. The top 100 and top 500 restaurants in 2019 have the following development characteristics:
    Since the beginning of 2020, the catering industry has been seriously affected by the new coronary pneumonia. From January to April 2020, the national catering revenue is 833.3 billion yuan

    2020/06/10 410

  • Walking on "two legs" The catering industry recovers steadily

    The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is a major source of food and beverage industry, which relies on human flow. However, it brings new opportunities to the development of the industry and the innovation of enterprises. Although some food enterprises have to lay off workers and close their stores in order to protect themselves, enterprises with strong anti risk ability see opportunities from "danger", and embark on a new development path through innovation and change. The recovery of catering industry and the rise of fireworks are also important signs of economic recovery. However, in the novel coronavirus pneumonia test, the revival of catering industry has shown a polarization: one is contraction, the other is counter trend expansion. In addition, more and more catering enterprises have learned to walk online and offline with "two legs". In addition to in class food, they also take out and live

    2020/06/15 409

  • How can catering make more money through service? Three elements of service thinking: insight, choice and design

    We often say that the catering industry is the service industry, which is beyond reproach in the past, but the question is: in the future of artificial intelligence, service robots and other gradually mature, will the catering industry still be the service industry? The deeper question is: is service really irreplaceable in the catering industry?
    However, although its a little early to talk about service robots, after all, the current delivery robots / service robots are slightly "stupid". In chopsticks thinking, we really need to think about the nature and future of service before the service robots are really mature. We need to have a certain view on such issues as "whether service is really the unshakable infrastructure of catering industry".
    However, the question is too deep to answer

    2020/06/22 442

  • How to become the third-party of Western fast food?

    At the end of January, when the new crown outbreak just broke out, Dexter issued a notice to the national franchised partners: from January 20 to February 29, 2020, Dexter franchised restaurant (paid in) right fee will be reduced by 50%, and (paid in) advertising fee will be reduced by 50%. Cui Kaijun, general manager of Dexter, said: "in the face of extremely difficult and severe situation in the catering industry, Dexter hopes to join hands with the national franchised restaurants to overcome the difficulties by reducing the right money and advertising money, and continue to do a good job of the peoples livelihood." This is indeed a real good, in a variety of franchise fee relief in the catering brand is very prominent. However, this announcement also makes people aware of some questions to be considered: is Dexter a franchise brand?

    2020/06/29 402

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