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  • Is takeout agent a good business?

    Before discussing whether the delivery agent operation is really reliable, I think we can discuss whether the catering brand design, catering space design and catering training are reliable.When I see this topic, I think most of them are reliable. Why? Because the delivery of these things and the delivery of the delivery of the delivery agent operation have different standards in the minds of most businesses. The design class delivers pictures or drawings, the training class delivers processes and experiences, and the delivery of the delivery agent operation is "money (turnover).".In the delivery process of design and training, Party B actually controls the leading influence factors. When we first analyzed the essence of takeout, we mentioned that "the essence of takeout is to provide users with products that meet their needs, and

    2020/05/25 373

  • Brand equity is invisible, but it really exists

    If you want to ask me, who is the number one brand equity value in China today? I think thats Maotai. Even if you say he is not the first, you cant deny that he is the first team. Even if you say that young people will not drink Maotai in the future, you may not go to the county town for a walk. If the brand value of Maotai is analyzed carefully, there are also metaphysics schools of rationalism. But on the whole, there are several that I think are all right. 1. Maotai doesnt need sales in a broad sense. All dealers are kneeling for goods. 2. In his customer group, Maotai has become a "belief" with exclusiveness. There is a consensus within the circle, which includes, on taste, self

    2020/06/01 356

  • High price and little taste make artificial meat hard to catch up with

    "If you think its good to eat an egg, why should you go to the chicken that laid it?"
    As time goes by, artificial eggs are no longer news, while artificial chicken, even artificial pork and beef are gradually expanding in the market. Qian Zhongshus question seems to be out of date. Lets put it another way:
    When you think its good to eat a chicken / egg, why do you have to look for that chicken? Because it may not exist at all.
    Following the launch of the public test of artificial meat products in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai at the end of April, such chicken once again went on sale in KFC on June 3.
    01 ...

    2020/06/04 534

  • Degraded consumption, low prices will be the new normal in the catering industry

     On June 2, Le Caesar pizza announced the price reduction decision to the outside world in the form of an open letter, and especially stressed that "it is not a short-term promotion, but a long-term price reduction". The price of some products dropped by 20-25%. 01 & nbsp; long term price reduction is only for the purpose of expanding the market & nbsp;In the past 10 years, Le Caesar has more than 130 stores in China, mainly in Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Lekaisas price reduction event has been unfolding for half a year, but it has nothing to do with the epidemic in fact. Last year, we studied and judged the future changes in consumption structure, and believed that it would go to Japans economy after 1990. 

    2020/06/08 551

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