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  • A thousand story routine of fishing at the bottom of the sea

    Everyone knows that Chinese people like hot pot. As early as 2018, Chinese people have eaten 800 billion yuan of market, and there are 300000 hotpot stores in China.
    But if you want to ask which family wants to eat and drink in revenge after the outbreak, I think most people will subconsciously say that it is Haidilao.
    Perhaps the capital market has seen the boom after the recovery of Haidilao. In the last two months, the total market value of Haidilao has also changed from less than 150 billion Hong Kong dollars to nearly 190 billion Hong Kong dollars. This is almost 20 times that of the former hotpot elder brother, and 10 times that of the other catering enterprises listed in Hong Kong. The market value of Haidilao is 10 times that of the other catering enterprises listed in Hong Kong There are more industries in total.
    Why is the capital market so optimistic

    2020/06/29 401

  • How to become the third-party of Western fast food?

    At the end of January, when the new crown outbreak just broke out, Dexter issued a notice to the national franchised partners: from January 20 to February 29, 2020, Dexter franchised restaurant (paid in) right fee will be reduced by 50%, and (paid in) advertising fee will be reduced by 50%. Cui Kaijun, general manager of Dexter, said: "in the face of extremely difficult and severe situation in the catering industry, Dexter hopes to join hands with the national franchised restaurants to overcome the difficulties by reducing the right money and advertising money, and continue to do a good job of the peoples livelihood." This is indeed a real good, in a variety of franchise fee relief in the catering brand is very prominent. However, this announcement also makes people aware of some questions to be considered: is Dexter a franchise brand?

    2020/06/29 402

  • In the next 10 years, the scale of catering industry is expected to exceed 10 trillion

    On March 30, the "2021 China catering industry summit and the first Red Bull award ceremony of China catering industry" jointly sponsored by cnr.com, red food.com and Hotelex Shanghai Hotel and Catering Exhibition was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.
    The summit invited many influential figures from the catering industry, academia, media and capital industry to gather together. They had in-depth exchanges with more than 1200 catering people, industry chain practitioners and managers in the form of white paper release, independent speech and round table forum.
    The following is the theme record of the speech by Mr. Song Qianqian, the founder of Jiahua capital, on the capitalization opportunity of the big catering sector:
    I have said publicly that in the next ten years, Chinas catering industry will be fully capitalized, and the products will be

    2021/04/07 103

  • Restaurant homogenization is serious, the secret of breakthrough -- Micro innovation of dishes

    The competition of catering industry has become white hot and homogenization has appeared. In this environment, if catering enterprises want to form differentiation and improve consumers memory, dishes minimally invasive has become one of the important means.
    If you pay attention to the current catering market, you may find that although various brands emerge one after another, the categories and dishes are constantly converging, and consumers have fewer choices.
    This is actually one of the results of the development of catering branding and standardization - homogenization.
    Homogenization of food and beverage,
    Enter the stage of "bayonet" of product competition
    In the era of mass catering after the past of large restaurant mode, standardization, branding and Internet have brought huge imagination space for catering. Catering categories and their subdivisions have been continuously "developed" and upgraded.

    2021/04/12 109

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